Concepts for external design

After spending the summer consulting with the local residents and owners in Vichères, we are almost ready to begin finalizing the structural and facade design.

Raccard Concept


Hotel Vieux Vichères

So we are officially up and running. The restoration and renovation project for Hotel Vieux Vichères is underway. Two weeks ago in glorious sunshine we held The “Hotel Grand Design Challenge”. Our goal is to restore the charm and character of the hotel and add modern comfort and appeal. The original building was a farm house and originates in 1792.

We had a great barbecue (I was the chef) and everyone chipped in to provide their views, ideas, and perspectives on functionality and designs. These will be summarized and posted shortly for your feedback. We are grateful for everyone who turned out and sorry that we missed a number of friends who wanted to be with us but couldn’t due to travel. We are hoping to do this again before the summer holidays- so don’t worry we will let you know when the next one is planned.

This blog is where you can contribute feedback, ideas and  suggestions. We will keep you updated on the progress and developments. Will write more about the background and history of the place as well as the concept for the hotel.